Artist of the Week

Submit your artwork to featured on our blog, and on our twitter and facebook page! if you have any artwork, fantasy, Sci-fi, horror and everything in between we want to help you get it out there. each week we will pick our favorite and highlight it on the blog. so if you want your work showcased….add it to the archive! submitted work can be found in the Galleria Arcana.


This weeks featured artist…thellos THELLOS!

youtube‘s Thellos. Thellos is doing something truly unique. his channel on Thellos is sort of a mashup between a letsplay video and reimagining your favorite childhood characters. The runtime on the videos is around eight to ten minuets, and the voice acting is really well done. Putting your favorite characters into situations they would never find themselves is what Thellos does best, having Shaggy meet Slenderman…genius. These videos are more than just lets plays, they are stories unto themselves, well put together and skillfully acted out. i cant wait to watch more from him. check him out.





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