Console & PC RPGs… The past, present & future? What’s next for the genre and how did we get here.

RPGs in video games have come quite a long way since I was a kid. Playing “Legend of Zelda” on my aunts Nintendo was one of my favorite things as a youngster. I didn’t know it at the time but this was my first RPG. My experiences with “D&D”, “rifts”, and “Final Fantasy”wouldn’t come until much later. But at six years old, swinging that little pixelated sword, collecting rupees and brining the pain to Gannondorf opened my mind to fantasy and adventure. Later other movies, games and books would help cement the work that Link and his princess in distress had begun.

So where are we now? It isn’t blobs of color comprised of only right angles that make up today’s video games.

Gameplay has gotten ridiculously immersive, and no style of play has been left out of the loop when it comes to rpg’s. From the top down games of my youth to fully realized first person experiences like those in the “Elder Scrolls” series, the third person shooters of “Mass Effect” to everyone’s favorite mmorpg “WoW” ( Iam actually more of an “Old Republic” guy but don’t tell anyone.) There really doesn’t seem to be any new frontiers for gameplay when it comes to the genre. So what’s next? There have been interesting game mechanics introduced over the years, “Legend of Dragoon” had a great combat system that rewarded you for a successful completion of a little mini game each time you attacked, and if you failed… You sufferd  for it.

Other games introduced heavy crafting and customization at the sacrifice of a good story, and some offered a healthy balance of both. I have no idea what is in store for the genre down the road. With new technology like the “Oculus Rift” and “PlayStation VR” perhaps virtual reality is the next big thing, or maybe like the “PlayStation move” and other peripherals *cough* Kinect. VR will simply fade into the land of good ideas no one really wanted.

As for me it’s 2016, hover boards will set you on fire, no one can actually afford self lacing sneakers and I still don’t have my damn flying car, but VR may be a thing. Time will tell…I think I’d rather have a properly malfunctioning holodeck anyway.


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  1. “Link to the Past”, “Secret of Mana”, and “Final Fantasy 6” were my defining video games as a young child. It’s thanks to them that I was introduced to the awesomeness that was “Legend of Dragoon”. There’s also “Valkyrie Profile” and “Xenogears” that shaped my video game preferences. Can you imagine LoD as a holodeck simulation? I think that would be awesome!

    It would be interesting to see how VR or working holodecks would effect D&D – they’d effectively render an active DM obsolete or change the role to that of a programmer who engineers the session. I suppose, if the DM chose to play alongside the PCs, he would take on the role of the tag-along NPC since he would have a more intimate knowledge of the world and could nudge the party in the right direction that way instead of through active narration.

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