Anime, RPG and what happens when the two come together

There are countless adaptations of anime series being turned in video games, movies, toys etc. Just as many would make (and some have) great RPGs. But what if I told you that once upon a time the revers happened?

Iam talking of course about “Record of Lodoss War”. An series of manga published in 1986 based off of a series of D&D campaigns. Eventually they would switch format and stray a little from their Gygax fueled roots, but who cares! The manga, are great. My experience however began with the anime. A massive series loaned to my brother by one of his high school friends, it was the first real anime I got into that wasn’t shown on Saturday mornings

I won’t go into the details of the story as there is simply too much to tell. What I will say, is that while there is so much good anime coming out these days. Spend a moment, and go back to one of the truly great entries in the art form.

It goes to show that sometimes…. Once in a while great things can cross platforms. I doubt a live action version will ever exist, and maybe it shouldn’t (remember the dragon ball movie….*cringe*).

But with the success of titles like “Warcraft” and the entries to the DCU and MCU maybe there is hope. After watching “Forbidden Kingdom”and “Kung Fu Hustle” I have no doubt it’s possible.I’d still love to see a live action “Ninja Scroll” though.

For a full rundown on the series, check out.


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