Spirit Blade: Ver 1 homebrew class


Hit die D8

hp at first lvl is 8+con modifier or 1D8+con modifier  


weapons: none

armor: leather

Choose two at lvl 1 skills: religion, acrobatics, medicine, survival

saving throws: constitution, charisma

Spirit Blade : a balancing force in the world. These warrior monks live a life of constant travel. Searching for lost spirits that need guidance crossing over to the other side. Destroying evil wherever they find it. Or fostering conflict in places that have grown too decadent. Spirit blades are neither good nor evil, but rather a bit of both. Balance is everything to a spirit blade and they will stop at nothing to archive the balance they seek. They use a weapon made from a piece of their own soul to combat the darkness.

Spirit points are used to power class features. Spirit points return after a long rest, you may only pay the cost to use an ability once per turn, abilities do not stack unless otherwise stated.

Soul blade: at lvl1 you create a weapon out of a piece of your soul. Choose any simple or martial weapon other than a bow or crossbow. The weapon looks like a mundane version of that weapon except for a black blade ( if it has one) and dmg dealt with this weapon counts a magical. You add your strength or dex bonus as normal depending on the weapons properties, attributes like finesse, versatile still apply and if the weapon can be thrown as a bonus action you can summon it back to your hand. Your are proficient with this weapon type. If the weapon is lost or destroyed you may make a new one for a cost of 5 spirit points, the process takes 24 hrs. The blade can be dismissed to an extra dimensional space as a bonus action and summoned as a bonus action.

Fighting styles:



Great weapon fighting

Dual weapon fighting if you choose this style, the same rules apply with one exception, the damage die for your soul blade a split between the two blades. Ex: if you use two daggers the dmg for each is 1d4 instead of the normal 2d4)

Class features:

Spirit rebuke: same as turn undead soul wardens also use this ability to send lost souls to their next life.

Spirit strike: spend a spirit point to add a range of 10 ft to your melee attack

Spirit armor: starting at lvl 3 as a bonus action you can spend 1 spirit point to create a shield of spirit energy equal to your con mod+ your cha mod plus your proficiency bonus.  This shield absorbs dmg until its hp is spent. You gain this ability again after a long rest

Soul stride: once per long rest you can spend 3 spirit points to move 30 feet instantly to any unoccupied space you can see. Doing so does not provoke an opportunity attack. This counts as an action

Balanced soul: you have fully attuned your spirit self with your physical self, by doing so you now have resistance to non magical physical damage.

Improved spirit strike: your range increases to 30 ft and you can now spend a spirit point to add an extra 1d6 dmg to your attack

Soul sight: spend 2 spirit points. functions similar to true sight, up to 100 ft you are able to see a person’s spirit, it will show you their true form, and its color will give you knowledge of their alignment does not work on undead or constructs. If any person in your sight is behind a wall or other obstruction you will still be able to see their spirit

Improved soul stride: you can now use soul stride once per day without paying its cost, and once again by paying for it

Spirit bond:

Bond of the blade: the spirit warden uses his soul to fuel their own combat prowess.

Bond features:

Lvl3: shower of blades, using 2 spirit points you swing your soul blade in a wide arc, from your blade an arc of 1d4 blades shoots forth with a range of 15 ft from your soul blade dealing 1d4 dmg each. The amount of blades created increases to 1d6 at level 7 and 1d10 at lvl 15 and 2d10 at lvl 20 The dmg for each blade increases to 1d6 at lvl 7 and 2d8 at lvl 15 and 2d10 at lvl 20

targets within the abilities effect can make a dex save, the dc is 10+your charisma mod+ proficiency, on a successful save the targets take 1/2 damage


Lvl7: elemental strike. Spending two spirit points you can choose an element, fire, ice, lightning, and add 1d4 of that damage type to each of your attacks for that turn

Lvl15: flurry of blows: spend 4 spirit points to add an additional 1d4 melee attacks to your turn. You regain the use of this after a long rest

Lvl 20: soul release:

once per day you can focus all your spirit energy and  unleash a ranged melee attack that of pure radiant energy in a cone of 60 feet with a range of 200 feet dealing regular weapon damage with an additional 10d10 radiant damage. Anything caught within the dimensions of the blast must make a constitution saving throw dc 15, on a successful save they take half damage. On a critical roll of 19-20 ( 19 counts as critical for this ability) anything caught within the blast that fails its saving throw is instantly disintegrated. Your remaining spirit points are completely drained and all of your spirit points will not recover for 1d4 days afterwards

  1. bond of protection: the soul warden uses pieces of his own soul to protect others

Lvl3: spirit ward: spend 2 spirit points to create an additional spirit shield around one living being you can see

Lvl5: healing blade

spend three spirit points and cast a spirit mark on one friendly target. when you make an attack roll, a successful hit heals half that much damage to the marked target for the next minuet. concentration based ability. Being hit or otherwise distracted requires a save throw

Lvl7 : aura of elemental protection. Spend 2 spirit points to create an aura of 10 ft that grants you and anyone in the aura resistance to elemental dmg of your choice, fire, ice, lightning etc

Lvl15: aura of healing spend 3 spirit points to create an aura of healing energy with a 10ft radius. For 1 min Any friendly being in the aura heals 2d10 hp for the auras duration

Lvl2: mass restoration:

once per day you may focus your spirit energy to fully heal any friendly being within 30ft. additionally a spirit shield with hp equal to twice your current shield forms around any being within range. Any unconscious friendly being is brought to 1 hp instead of zero. All of your remaining spirit points are drained and none of Your spirit points do not return for 1d4 days afterwards

  1. Bond of the arcane soul

lvl3: arcane soul: choose any two can trips from the bard, sorcerer, or warlock spell list, additionally choose any first level spell from the same list, you may now spend 1 spirit point to cast that spell at its lowest level once per day. At each new level you may change your selected spells, the process takes 24 hours.

at lvl 5,7,9,11,13you may choose two spells from the same list at level 2, 3,4,5,6 and six respectively. Ex: at fifth level you choose two spells at second, at level 7 you choose two spells at third lvl etc, additionally at levels 5,7,9,11,13 you add an additional cantrip from that same list.

lvl7: arcane manipulation: spend 3 spirit points as a bonus action, functions same as wizards spell shaping ability

lvl15: arcane redirection, as reaction you may spend 4 spirit points, when you make a saving throw against a spell cast on or at you. if it succeeds the effect or damage from that spell is turned back to the caster of the spell.

lvl20: Arcane barrage:

you focus all your spirit into casting one spell of your highest available spell level an additional 1d6 times after the first casting , you may choose a new target for each spell and you may use your spell shaping ability at no cost for each spell.

your remaining spirit points are drained and all of your spirit points do not recover for 1d4 days afterward.

spell casting ability is charisma, spell attack bonus to is your charisma bonus + proficiency

spell save dc is 10+ your charisma bonus+ your proficiency

Spirit Blade
1 2 soul weapon, fighting style 2d4
2 2 2 spirit rebuke, spirit strike, 2d4
3 2 3 spirit armor, spirit bond 2d4
4 2 4 ability score improvement 2d4
5 3 5 extra attack, soul weapon improvement 2d6
6 3 6 soul stride 2d6
7 3 7 bond feature 2d6
8 3 8 ability score improvement 2d6
9 4 9 balanced soul 2d6
10 4 10 soul weapon improvement 2d8
11 4 11 improved spirit strike 2d8
12 4 12 ability score improvement 2d8
13 5 13 soul sight, extra attack 2d8
14 5 14 improved soul stride 2d8
15 5 15 bond feature 2d8
16 5 16 ability score improvement 2d8
17 6 17 soul weapon improvement 2d10
18 6 18 2d10
19 6 19 ability score improvement 2d10
20 6 20 bond feature 2d10

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