Aartan’s weekly story thread.

Today we at the archive want to try something fun. I want you guys to add to a story that I am going to start with one sentence. Next Thursday we will post the story in its entirety as well as give the prompt for next weeks thread. Add your next sentence in the comments section below to continue the story, add a paragraph… anything to keep driving the tale. Have fun with it, I can’t wait to see what comes of this…

Setting: a small medieval town surrounded by tall mountains. A place where all manner of races gather. It is a well known hiding place for the less savory elements of society. 

Here is the prompt for this week….

It was dark, rain fell in thick sheets over the town of Everlorn…


One thought on “Aartan’s weekly story thread.

Add yours

  1. The townsfolk had been lulled to
    sleep by the gentle splashing sounds. Until midnight when a thundering noise awoke them. Horse hooves, galloping through the mud. A rider approached the town square.

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