Smahain Forever! Top 5 Underrated Horror movies

It’s October, Halloween draws near and its time for TV and movies to be inundated with a bevy of new and scarier horror films to shock and delight the masses. Lets get one thing perfectly clear… I hate lists. that being said… here is my top five underrated horror movies. I am sure you’ve seen a couple of these, maybe even all of them. I am sure you might disagree with this list, and that’s just fine. I want to know what your personal top five are anyway, maybe I’ll have some new flicks to check out down the road….

5.   PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS.peopleunderthestairs

It’s you basic, crazy inbred family kidnap children and turn them into cannibals kind of story, we all know the trope really well. but at when my older brother convinced me to watch this with him at six years old….I stayed out of the basement for a very long time

4. MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAINmidnight-meat-train

based on a short story from Clive Barker’s Books of Blood volume 1, the movie takes place in Manhattan. a serial killer is murdering people and leaving their shaved and butchered corpses hanging in subway cars. Vinnie Jones plays the villain and he does it spectacularly. his only line comes at the end of the film and until that point he reminds me of Bruce the shark from JAWS, terrifying and primal. if you haven’t seen this one…do yourself a favor and check it out.



So vampire movies have gotten sparkly and lame… there hasn’t been a good one in along time. Underworld tried but that is an action film, not a horror movie. Don’t even get me started on Twilight…Stephanie Meyers you should be ashamed. Then there is 30 Days Of Night, a return to the fear and mystery that belongs to the lords of the undead. these aren’t your granddaddy’s Nosferatu. Think of a pack of wolves with superhuman strength and an aversion to sunlight. Wonderfully violent, beautifully gory and very well cast. if you missed this one….crawl out from the rock you are under, and learn why you should be afraid of the dark one more time.


Ok, so this one isn’t scary in the least. but it is very gory, and possibly one of the funniest horror movies i have seen in a very long time. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine should be in far more movies together. if you haven’t seen it and you want all the gore without the seat gripping terror coupled with some really well thought out humor I suggest you get off your ass and check it out.

  1. TRICK R TREAT   trick_r_treat

My personal favorite, i watch this every Halloween on principal. A collection of intertwining short stories that really encapsulate the magic of Halloween. there is rumored to be a sequal in the works and i can’t wait to see it. Watch this, watch this twice. thank me later.


Anyway those are my top five!, what are yours? drop a comment below and let me know what I am missing.


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