5 Video Games That Would Make Good Books

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The Bookwyrm's Lair

Listed in no particular order, these are some video games that I think could be novelized well.

Square’s Xenogears for the Playstation 1.
This JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) is two disks or 100+ hours long. It’s this long because it has an incredibly detailed plot that slowly unfolds through an epic journey that is full of political maneuvering, secret societies, flashbacks, lost memories of past lives, and various scientific meddlings – from mutations to super-weapons.

I think the complexities of the various plotlines and their connections to the overarching story would be best suited to a Game of Thrones style Epic Fantasy novel, with each chapter/section being told from the third-person view of a specific character. As the characters meet up, the different pieces of the puzzle would come together and the story would become more cohesive in a way that would mirror the gradual unraveling of the…

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