IFC’s new horror/comedy premiered last night, as soon as I found out about the show I became excited. I am a huge fan of John C. Mcginley. I loved Dr. Cox, his role as the excitable detective in Stealing Harvard and his brief and short lived (pun intended) role as a solider in The rock. Let us not forget Bob the consultant from office space.

So after learning that he would star alongside Janet Varney in a dark comedy show that at first glance reminded me of Evil Dead (more Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness) how could I not Que my DVR.

The show did not disappoint. Loaded with fantastic one liners and off the wall characters this show delivered in a big way for me.

Set in rural new hampsire, the show pits Stan a retired sheriff (played by Mcginley) against a centuries old curse. Janet varney plays the towns new sheriff, someone who is thrust in the middle of the situation with little understanding of the towns history. Stan being the experienced former sheriff has little time for this newcomer and with a slightly misogynistic bent makes his opinions known frequently and will little tact. However it becomes rapidly apparent that he has only been in his position for this long due to the actions of his deceased wife, giving his temperament towards Varney an interesting turn.

The show somewhere between Fox’s Sleepy Hollow and Ash vs the evil dead makes great use of its subject matter and the comedic talents of its cast. It’s too early to tell how he characters and their relationships will progress throughout the show but I can honestly tell you that whatever happens, this dry humored gory romp through rural new England will be worth every viewing.

Check out Stan Against Evil Wednesday nights on IFC.


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