Dungeons and dragons…. model building and DIY terrain.

So I’ve been looking for some modular terrain for my weekly game for a while now. I’ve scoured the internet looking for the most reasonable products at prices I can afford. 

3D modular terrain is not cheap… places like Dwarven forge are amazing in their craftsmanship…. but the price can be a bit high for a guy with 4 kids and a budget…. but if you want to see what the company is capable of check out Dwarvenaut  on Netflix. 

The next product I found was a similar one to what dwarven forge offers, a modular terrain system from Dungeonstone, reasonably priced, but considering my budget… and what you’d get at what I could afford…. I had to look elsewhere.

So I decided to make my own…. so far I’ve only made three pieces. Using an exacto knife, some styrofoam and paint, I’ve got a pretty reasonable dungeon or ruin set started… total cost about $20 for the foam at the hobby shop although you could get it cheaper elsewhere Iam sure. Everything else I already had.

Now Iam no artist but… I think they look great! And totally worth the effort. It took me about two and a half hours to make all three pieces, three hours if you factor in the drying time for the paint… but all in all Iam pleased with the results of my efforts and I am happy to say I’ve added a new facet to this hobby of mine.​


2 thoughts on “Dungeons and dragons…. model building and DIY terrain.

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  1. Wow! This stuff looks really good for homemade terrain. You really have it looking textured and weathered. Nice job.

    I too, love Dwarven Forge stuff but can’t always justify the price tag. (I actually played a game of 1st edition D&D with Stefan Pokorny while he was demo-ing his Dwarvenite terrain. It was a really impressive display.)

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    1. It’s great stuff and honestly i wish I could justify spending the money, that said after doing these first few pieces, I think I’ll just keep making my own stuff, Iam making it modular anyway so I can re arrange layouts as I need to. I’ll keep posting pics as I make more stuff, maybe even for tutorial or something. Iam still learning myself.


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