Back from a long break…

So the archives have stymied a bit, my full time job has taken a lot of my time and adding a fourth child to mix has required a substantial amount of energy from both myself and my wife. that being said, new and wonderful things are on the horizon. the archive is once again open for submissions, any art or stories you would like to share are welcome.

coming down the pipe:

i will soon be talking about the process i’m going through as i write my first novel. weekly i will discuss my system, strategies and advice for other fledgling writers. no i don’t have an English degree, and no i’m not a published author…yet, but what i will do is hopefully provide some insight into how i have approached the process and what if any advice i can provide to you- the reader to help get you ob your way to writing your own novel, short story or other work of fiction. let me be clear, these future posts will focus on fiction, specifically- fantasy. so stay tuned and feel free to leave me a comment about anything you find on the page.


i am looking for great content to help fill out the site, i am only one person after all. That being said, at this time i cannot pay for submissions, all i can offer is a platform to get your name and work out there. so if you want to be a guest blogger send me a pitch via email :, if it meshes with what the site is doing, i will get you featured. if you want to submit a story or art work do the same. please send only word, pdf, jpeg or png files for written or photographic work.


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