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Building a rich world and crafting an intricate plot are meaningless without realistic characters.....


Back from a long break…

So the archives have stymied a bit, my full time job has taken a lot of my time and adding a fourth child to mix has required a substantial amount of energy from both myself and my wife. that being said, new and wonderful things are on the horizon. the archive is once again open... Continue Reading →

Dungeons and dragons…. model building and DIY terrain.

So I've been looking for some modular terrain for my weekly game for a while now. I've scoured the internet looking for the most reasonable products at prices I can afford.  3D modular terrain is not cheap... places like Dwarven forge are amazing in their craftsmanship.... but the price can be a bit high for a guy... Continue Reading →


IFC's new horror/comedy premiered last night, as soon as I found out about the show I became excited. I am a huge fan of John C. Mcginley. I loved Dr. Cox, his role as the excitable detective in Stealing Harvard and his brief and short lived (pun intended) role as a solider in The rock.... Continue Reading →

5 Video Games That Would Make Good Books

I am a huge fan of the Bookwyrms Lair, Check out these two blogs posts from this wonderful site! Don’t forget to follow!

The Bookwyrm's Lair

Listed in no particular order, these are some video games that I think could be novelized well.

Square’s Xenogears for the Playstation 1.
This JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) is two disks or 100+ hours long. It’s this long because it has an incredibly detailed plot that slowly unfolds through an epic journey that is full of political maneuvering, secret societies, flashbacks, lost memories of past lives, and various scientific meddlings – from mutations to super-weapons.

I think the complexities of the various plotlines and their connections to the overarching story would be best suited to a Game of Thrones style Epic Fantasy novel, with each chapter/section being told from the third-person view of a specific character. As the characters meet up, the different pieces of the puzzle would come together and the story would become more cohesive in a way that would mirror the gradual unraveling of the…

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Hey, I Can Dream, Right?

The Bookwyrm's Lair

So, I’m re-playing one of my all-time favorite PlayStation games – Xenogears! I’m playing through it with the Beloved Husband, reading the dialogue aloud as the story progresses (much like my mom did for me). As we move along, a thought occurs, as it has every time I play this game.

I want this to be a book soooo badly!!

This game literally spans 10,000 years, three or four wars, and four separate nations. It’s got repeated reincarnations, repressed memories, psychological breaks, genetic memory, religious sub-texts, political intrigues, and racial prejudices – all wrapped up in a JRPG from the 90’s that features, among other things, giant robots.

Xenogears is remarkably ambitious for its time, both in concept and in its game design. And, despite the unavoidable flaws of the turn-based, “random battle” system and dated graphics, it lives up to its ambition. I’d love to see it remade for modern game platforms, frame…

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Check out  Episode 1 synopsis by clicking the link. Follow the adventures of Mak, Tril,     Nar H'aniel, Diesella, Torvak, Bill and Oognat each week! Soon we will be posting full recorded sessions so stay tuned for that. You can also view full Bios for each character on the Bios page.

Knights of D&D 

Coming soon join us each week as we follow the adventures of the "Knights of D&D". Seven intrepid adventurers seeking to recover the Ancient chaos box, undo the evil wrought by the Shadowyn Enclave and generally keep safe the world of Riacus. Each week the archive will post a synopsis of the campaign, and as... Continue Reading →

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